Essay: Introduction to EWAN IT Company

Essay: Introduction to EWAN IT Company
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EWAN IT Company is one of the premier companies located in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offering a variety of professional IT Services which includes Software Application Development, Software Maintenance, Network, and Hardware Maintenance especially to the corporate sector and other Small and Medium Companies.  It has three branches located in Jeddah, Dammam and Al-Khobar and Head office is located in the prime Business area of Riyadh Capital, Saudi Arabia.

The company has adequate infrastructure such as; PC, Printer, Scanner, Server and other related peripherals for daily use. The company was established during 2005 and it has more than 50 IT professional working on different mega projects in the Kingdom including Government sector and they have vast and real-time working experience to meet all the challenges of IT related problems in a very professional and cost effective manners.  The company is managed and handled by highly qualified and well-experienced group of Entrepreneurs who have decades of working experience in the business.  The company has a good number of clients including Government, Private and Public sector.


One of the objectives of this research is to highlight the importance of the critical factors and evaluate their role in successful change management within a real life organization. In order to accomplish this goal, a study Change Management implementation at EWAN IT Company will be carried out.  This research will also help EWAN IT Company in the successful implementation of change management processes and methodologies as well as in identifying the gaps and pitfalls that occur between their customers’ expectations and assessment of service quality.

Significance of the Research

Personal Significance

This research is particularly important to me because as a student of IT, I believe that today, for businesses to be successful, they have to be constantly on the move and implement changes which would make them appealing to the customers as well as allow them to meet the demands of their customers in a more efficient manner. Therefore, these businesses need to have change management processes and methodologies implemented in order to make successfully make any change to their existing IT structure, without getting into unforeseen risks. I am also interested in the topic of change management because I believe it is often not given due importance in my country.

Significance to the Research Industry

The research conducted for this process will contribute toward the literature on the topic of change management from a practical point of view. It would also contribute toward highlighting the problems that are faced by companies in Saudi Arabia when it comes to implementing changes within their organizations as well as during projects. This research will also contribute toward providing a roadmap to Saudi IT Service Management companies in implementing change management within them.

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