Essay: Introduction to Software Use and Technical Support

Essay: Introduction to Software Use and Technical Support
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Information Technology has revolutionized the way business is conducted in today’s world. Business Organizations worldwide have embraced this technology with open hands, and have reaped its rewards in the form of increased business productivity and decreased the time from placement of demand from customer to supply of the product. Software has been used to bring ease and automation to various processes that organizations use to conduct their business. This software can be purchased for individual processes (for example supply chain management software) or for multiple or all processes with an organization. An important point which is often considered by organizations willing to buy such software is whether the software bought will be worth its price or not. Various software offers different features which need to be considered and understood before a decision is made.

The consideration of these features gets more stringent when it comes to automation of processes that are critical to business. For these processes, the important aspects of software such as security, reliability, flexibility to customization and after sales customer support, need in-depth consideration. Currently, there is a number of software available in the markets that cater to the needs of various business segments. These can be generally categorized into Proprietary software, Open Source, and Free software. These categories of software have their own advantages and disadvantages that an organization must consider when choosing to use them as information systems for business critical processes. In the following lines, a discussion is presented for selection of software for important information system within an organization, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of proprietary, open source and free software and is followed by a recommendation.

When considering the features that proprietary software offer, as highlighted in their advertisements, the proprietary software seem to be the obvious choice. The organization also tend to rely mostly on proprietary software as they consider them a safe investment because of the fact the proprietary software most often provide excellent customer support service and because of the belief that cost will bring in quality.  The use of proprietary software also offers a number of advantages. Proprietary software development companies often use standardized testing procedures to test this software for stability, performance, and security. Hence, this software are considered generally to be stable, secure and offer uncompromised performance. The proprietary software companies also dedicate significant resources to provide after sales support service to their customers, which is very useful when it comes to software troubleshooting and exploitation of full features of the software. However, for important information systems, the price paid for this software need to be weighed against the disadvantages they bring in, which are often ignored by organizations. First, the proprietary software is not totally bug-free. That is, their testing, which is although thorough, is not comprehensive.

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