Essay: Introduction to Telematics

Essay: Introduction to Telematics
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Today we live in the world where Information Technology .is used by everyone and everywhere. The use of computers has brought in a revolution for businesses and industries through automation of various processes which not only allow them to increase their productivity but also remain flexible in order to meet the ever-changing customer requirements. In addition to businesses, the use of computer has also positively affected the way people go about their daily life. By incorporating the use of computers in their daily tasks, people have not only made these tasks easier but also reduced the time in which they are performed. Computers have also contributed toward the growth of research industry as well.

Through computer simulations and modelling, new theories, techniques and process have been invented which have made businesses and industries more efficient while contributing to further inventions. The area of telecommunications in particular has benefited a lot from the use of computers. It has not only allowed researchers to adopt and use concepts from other areas to create new telecommunication technologies but also allowed the use of information technology in parallel with telecommunications to gain new synergies. Through the use of computer, it is now possible to test new ideas in a real-life environment without physically constructing them; hence, it has given rise to a number of novel ideas in which the combination of telecommunication and computers can be used while promoting convergence of the two areas.

Telecommunication is responsible for revolutionizing the way how individuals and businesses communicate with each other. The technologies that have been brought in from this area have made it possible for them to get in contact with each other in a more complete way, while also making the quick sharing information possible. Wireless communication networks and Satellites are two examples of the major technologies which have played a major in providing such advantages to their users, enabling mobility while promoting high-speed communications. Recognizing the importance of these features, various emergency and utility services have also incorporated the use of wireless networks and satellite in their activities which has allowed them to provide services efficiently. Furthermore, an alternative use of satellites that has been explored in the past by researches has been in navigation, which has culminated in the presence of Global Positioning System (GPS).

In the recent past, the advancement in research has allowed for studies to be conducted on possible use of combination of telecommunication and information technology, giving birth to Telematics. One of the applications of Telematics that has gained immense popularity in last few years is Vehicle Telematics. Vehicle Telematics is the use of Telematics technology with specific application to vehicles. It serves as an answer to today’s needs such as communication on the move, vehicle maintenance facilitation and well as the availability of services regardless of the location of the vehicle.  In addition it can be used to provide several other facilities as well which can aid the driver in maintaining the control of car as well as making driving a pleasurable experience (Benlamlih & Mavrakis, September).

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