Essay: Introduction to TiVo/DVR

Essay: Introduction to TiVo/DVR
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The Term DVR refers to the Devices which offer the capability of recording videos from TV into a digital format in an enclosed hard drive (How Stuff Works). This technology was introduced in 1999 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas when two new consumers DVR TiVo and Replay TV were launched (TiVo Website). While initially launched for TV service distribution purposes, DVR have gained a number of features over the time. These include complementary abilities such as recording to DVD, controlling of DVR through PDA as well as networked PCs and web browsers (Electronic Inventory Online).  The main feature of fame of DVR is the ability to record up to 80 hours of TV programs which can be scheduled by the user. It also incorporates important features such as Time Shifting (Ability to fast forward or reverse) as well as ability to pause live TV, view instant replays and skipping of advertisement (How Stuff Works).

Will it become the Replacement!

The answer to this question is YES! TiVo devices (or DVRs) offer unprecedented control to its users over how and when they watch TV.  When DVR (TiVo Website) was launched the customers struggled to realize its potential. Media Industry, however, was well aware of the advantages to their subscriber and Media moguls were worried about losing their control over their consumers. This phenomenon made them so restless that an article in New York Times compared it with sending chills down the spines of media big wigs (St. John).  One of the major dilemmas for the subscribers of TV services has always been the long advertisement breaks that they had to experience between their favorite programs (How Stuff Works). With a DVR such as TiVo, these users have been “blessed” with the capability of fast forwarding these advertisements.

The phenomenon that DVRs have brought in is already playing catch up. In 2007, the penetration of DVR in America was already in 17% of the households, which showed the tremendous shift that DVR brought in control, from TV networks and advertisers to viewers. And the number of DVR service subscribers has continued to grow. It has been predicted that in 2010, more than 50% of the cable TV subscribers will have their set top boxes replaced with DVR. The consumer demand for DVR has increased in the past tremendously. This can be illustrated by the fact that in 2001, nine out of ten cable service providers was not interested in DVR. But, since that the industry has been extremely quick in adopting the technology as the features offered by the DVR made the consumers changed their mind quickly.

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