Essay: Intrusion Detection System

Essay: Intrusion Detection System
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There have been many reported cases in which the security offered by the firewall has been compromised and the attack has gone unnoticed. In such cases, the presence of Intrusion Detection System would have significantly reduced the damage. An Intrusion Detection System (IDS) works by monitor the network traffic for suspicious activities. It does that by matching the traffic against a series of a pattern of known threats. By using an Intrusion detection system along with firewall and security applications, the server system would have a near impenetrable defense against all types of remote attacks.

Physical Security

Though firewall and IDS offer great protection against remote attacks, security of the server system can still be compromised if someone can gain access to it physically. Therefore, the server system also needs to be protected physically as well. It is recommended that the company should convert some space to a Secure Machine Room, where access should be authorized and monitored at all time (Tipton & Krause, 2007).

Back-Up of Data

The data stored on the server is extremely important, both for the company and for the customer. Any loss of this data (for example, through hardware failure), would mean that the company would be unable to continue with the service causing frustration to the customer as well as loss of money and credibility for the company. Hence, the measure should be taken to ensure the reliability and availability of data in order to resolve this problem.

Discussion of Available Solutions

Backing Up Data to another System

This approach involves another system of similar capability as the server computer but can be of different configuration. A connection may exist between them. The data from the main server is backed up onto the other system through LAN or removable media through an established backup schedule.

Using RAID

Redundant Array of Independent Drives is a technology which makes use of interconnected systems (primary and backup) and automatically mirrors data between them. Therefore, in the case of any hardware failure on the primary system (such as a hard drive failure), the data would still be recoverable on the backup server.

Recommended Solution

It is recommended that the company should keep a backup system and backup data to it on regular basis. This would not only ensure that the data loss is minimum but would also enable minimum downtime for the service as the backup server would be fully capable of providing the same capabilities as the primary server.

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