Essay: Involvement of John Locke with Colonial Regime

Essay: Involvement of John Locke with Colonial Regime
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There has been a big chunk of literature written over the last forty to fifty years arguing that looking at the involvement of John Locke with operative and the colonial regime, the conjecture of enslavement was planned to give a reason for the organization and observation of slavery in England during the 18th century. This does not sound very likely of John Locke and if he wanted to do so, Locke would have much enhanced his view with a greatly more comprehensive meaning of rightful slavery than the one he gives.

When we read Locke’s “Of Civil Government, we will further be able to understand the opposing views of Locke on slavery.”Every man has a property in his own person: this nobody has any right to but himself” (Locke 27). His physical efforts and the work done by his hands are righteously his. The thought of humans as belongings is one that is clearly culpable to John Locke. When we go back to review what influence John Locke had over the founders of the nation, this point of view on slavery becomes more apparent. Slavery is an ongoing war, with the submission to one end and partial authority on the other. If this ceases, slavery ceases. The cause that can cease slavery is that “no man, can, by agreement pass over to another that which he hath not in himself, a power over his own life” (Locke 24).

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