Essay: IPv4 versus IPv6

Essay: IPv4 versus IPv6
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IPv6 is the new standard for addressing devices and machines on a TCP/IP network. It was released to overcome the shortcomings of the IPv4 as well to answer the future needs of computer networks. One the major differences in IPv6 from IPv4 is the change in datagram size which has increased to 1280 bytes from 576 bytes in IPv4. The structure of the datagram in the IPv6 and IPv4 also differs in a number of ways. Various fields have been added, removed and modified in datagram header of IPv6 from IPv4 while the overall structure of the IPv6 datagram has been changed as well.

The size of the header of an IPv6 datagram has been increased to 40 bytes from 20 bytes in IPv4. Furthermore, IPv6 reserves 16 bytes in the header of its datagram as compared to only 4 bytes in IPv4. Also, the IPv6 datagram has a more simplified header, which contains only 8 fields as compared to 12 fields which were present in the header of a 1Pv4 datagram. Furthermore, the IPv6 datagram design has a fixed header length, since options field present inIPv4 datagram header has also been removed. The fixed length of the header in IPv6 has also lead to the removal of header length field present in IPv4 header due to its redundancy.

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