Essay: Irish History in U.S.A

Essay: Irish History in U.S.A
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Though life in Ireland was brutal, immigrating to America was not a pleasurable occasion. This was the beginning of the American Wake as the Irish citizens knew that would never be able to see their country again for these people knew they would never be able to see Ireland again. Poverty, plague, and domination of the English men were among the many reasons for them to leave their country (Briggs 1984). America was the only place they could dream of migrating to. Written by early scholars, America was described as a land of opportunities and this was addressed as a Golden Door where Irish people could survive. They left in large groups in ships which were packed with people, making it hard for them to survive the journey.

Because of the insensitive wealthy Irish immigrants, the poor immigrants would set back and wait in the overcrowded Almshouses, for the ships to arrive again. The only means of survival for these men was to beg (Oracle ThinkQuest 2009). During the potato famine migration, masters were like great tyrants who would treat the Irishman badly and was a position of shame and despair that Irishmen were known to be lowest groups in America during the mid of 19th century (Bourke 1993).

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