Essay: Islamic Ideology

Essay: Islamic Ideology
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According to the Islamic ideology, there is no concept of predestination. The grace of God is not something that would be awarded to the chosen ones but it must be earned by accepting the message of the prophet and with piety only. The philosophies of the two influential personalities are different in these respects.

Another reason behind the acceptance of a controversial ideology as Augustine’s been that it was coherent and complete than any other philosophies. His concept of will has also got acceptance by his followers (Harrison). One question that occupied the mind of Augustine during his life was about the existence of evil in the world which he tried to explore in his philosophy. He was the one who endured sufferings as he lost his loved ones and was puzzled with the queries that if God is Omnipotent then why does he allow sufferings to continue to haunt human beings. He found the answer to his queries that evil exists owing to the existence of free will. As God has given the human beings the power to choose for themselves and this choice can lead men to evil.

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