Essay: The Israelite conflict with the Arabs

Essay: The Israelite conflict with the Arabs
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Despite the fact that numerous peace accords have been signed, the animosity between the two countries has not ceded. Many people are still being killed, and it seems as if all the efforts and the millions of dollars other countries, especially the United States, are spending are a waste of time. This means that a different strategy should be adopted if the region is to experience peace.

The Israelite conflict with the Arabs did not begin recently. Reading the Bible makes one aware of the animosity that existed between Israel and its neighbouring nations. This led to numerous wars and conflicts that took years. The current conflict is not just about who should inhabit the West Bank or the Gaza Strip. It is not even about who should live in the area. I believe that the issues affecting the two countries have a deep- seated past, and as such, will take more than sitting down for two or three days to try and solve the conflict between them.

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