Essay: Issues Related to Playing Video Games

Essay: Issues Related to Playing Video Games
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Talk to Your Child

Communication is the best tool for overcoming problems, and issues related to video games are no different. While it’s important for parents to keep an eye on their children, they can do it all the time. Therefore, a talk between parent and child can serve as best protection for those moments. Parents should talk to their children about the choices that their children make. Not to force their own decision, but to make them understand the difference between the game and real life as well as telling them what is inappropriate and why. Creating trust in this way, will not only boost their confidence and trust in you,  it will also them more responsible and provide them with a feeling of independence (Hacker, 2009).

The video games are affecting the children in both positive and negative ways. The keen interest of children in video games led them to psychological problems such as addiction, self-exclusion from society, aggressive behavior as well as physical problems such as poor health, muscular and skeletal problems. However, computer games also have many uses that are significantly playing a role in the development of physical as well as mental health. Video games have been employed in schools to shorten the learning times as well as enhancing the skills of pre-schoolers. It has been used successfully by psychotherapists as a part of treatment for children with a self-esteem problem. By playing video games, children are becoming more acquainted with new technologies which help them in familiarizing themselves quickly with their tools in professional life. Video games also provide opportunities for the family to bond together as well as a way to expel negative sentiments and prevention of negative activities.

Parents have significant responsibilities in controlling the effect of video games on their children. By keeping a watchful eye, exercising control and by communicating with children, they can not only bring balance to the life of their children but can also provide a positive environment where the minds of their children can develop.

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