Essay: IT Applications and Groupware

Essay: IT Applications and Groupware
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One of the major functionality of organizations is projects. Organizations conduct different project not only as part of their business but also to implement new research and technologies which can make them more competitive and profitable. One of the major tasks in an ongoing project is the coordination of tasks between various hierarchies of people involved as well as sharing of information in an effective manner among them. For this purpose, in many organizations, groupware or collaboration software is used by project team member (Dalkir, 2007).

Groupware allows the new and innovative way to sharing information, documents and other types of media between the team members of a project in order to enable a more effective team collaboration. Though groupware offers huge advantages to the organizations making effective use of them, it is important for organizations to make certain consideration before implementing them as a poor foresight can lead to a lost investment (Pinnadyne, 2009).

The first thing that an organization should consider is whether it really needs a groupware. Many organization conduct projects in such a way that the there is less need to make everything electronic, there is less urgency in sharing information and the current mechanism through which the project efforts are coordinated is the most effective way. Hence, the introduction of groupware in these organizations would not be taken seriously and the employees of the organization will continue to prefer old mechanism as the groupware would not be able to offer them a significant advantage (Bikson & Eveland, 1996).

Even if the organization comes to the conclusion that it needs group collaboration software, one of the most important considerations then is the type of collaboration software required. Though the groupware is available in the market for different types of collaboration activities, each of them can be used for a single type of activity.  It is important for any organization wanting to implement groupware or collaboration software for its project, to recognize the type of activity for which the collaboration tools will be used. For example, organizations in which the project coordination activities takes place in a LAN environment and includes the sharing of documents and rich media in order to enhance productivity, Lotus Notes is the best groupware which is built specifically  for this purpose. However, if the collaboration activity involves the synchronization and updating of data in WAN environment between remote sites, RemoteWare, a remote data collaboration tool, should be chosen (Strom, 1995).

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