Essay: IT Customer Service

Essay: IT Customer Service
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Mind Games

The three puzzles chosen for Mind Games are Sudoku, Crosswords and Crossing the Bridge puzzle. For Sudoku, the aim is to fill the puzzle in such a way that all rows, columns, and areas contain the number 1-9 only once in horizontal, vertical and diagonal direction. The puzzle consists of multiple grids (usually 9) which are incompletely filled to give some clues to the person filling the puzzle.

When filling each column and row, it needs to be checked if that row or column already contains that number or not (Sudoku Daily, 2009). The Crossword consist of a large square consists of small equally sized black and white squares, the aim is to fill the entire white squares with words. This is done using a list of hints that is provided with the puzzle. These hints provide a synonym or meaning of the word that needs to be filled in the square and also tells whether the square has to fill in horizontal (across) or vertical (down) direction. When filling crossword, the basic question is to think about the word synonymous to the hint which is equal to the count of squares which are to be filled. Once the puzzle starts to fill, it provides an extra hint on the letters, in the beginning, middle or end of the word. So the question then changes to what word has the meaning synonymous to the hint, has a length equal to the length of the square and begins, ends or contain the letter from already completed squares? (Knowledge Rush, 2009) The third puzzle is called Crossing the Bridge. It requires a group of 4 people to be moved across the bridge, but, there is a catch. Because it is night time, the torch has to be carried by one person. Only two people can cross the bridge at one time. Each person takes 1, 2, 5 and eight minutes to cross the bridge and the both persons have to move at the slower person’s rate. It requires questioning in what sequence should the people cross the bridge, should the fastest person carry the torch and accompany another person across the bridge or can other two people do it faster or should the fastest person come back from the other side’s or any other side can come back as well?

Brownstein, Popp, and Hepburn

Establishing technology standard will benefit the company in a number of ways.

  • It will improve company’s productivity by providing the lawyers with skills and processing for increasing individual productivity.
  • It will improve the customer service quality of the company.
  • It will make a significant contribution toward the growth of the company.
  • It will save the company a lot of money by reducing the cost of activities.
  • It will provide employees with better access to information.
  • It will enable clear and effective communication within the company and with the clients.
  • It will enable the employees to seamlessly share data.
  • It will enable the assessment of current technology requirements of the company and plan for upgrading or change in technology (Allen, King, Robson, & Shepherd, 2006).

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