Essay: What makes Johnny Depp the actor he is

Essay: What makes Johnny Depp the actor he is
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At first I wanted to know about Johnny Depp’s career and films he has done so far. When I started my research I realized, the most important factor to be studied in respect to Johnny Depp are the elements that make the actor that he is right now. I came across some elements that I would like to discuss in this paper starting with a short introduction to his life and career.

Johnny Depp was born on June 9, 1963 and is renowned as an American actor and musician. He is well known for his depiction of unusual, unconventional characters. Jack Sparrow, Raoul Duke and Sam’s role are some of the renowned characters played by the artist. Depp’s appearance as the title character in the series named 21 Jump Street, for the television renounced him as an iconic for the teenagers (Robb 12). However, he was not comfortable with this categorization; therefore he turned his concentration on films and bagged roles only which he felt were right for him.

We recently see a man on our television screens, in cinemas, wearing socks with stripes; one sock is blue and the other red along with a pinnacle hat on his head. All this decorated with hatpins and price label inserted into a silk band. In his hands he carries a gigantic broadsword that is roughly as high as he is. His face painted white, cheeks with red blush on and glowing sea green lenses in his eyes make Depp almost unrecognizable. But is this the first time? I have always seen this man in different and diverse get ups making him simply unrecognizable yet the man inside is the same successful yet down to earth and adventurous Johnny Depp  (Depp, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp interview for Alice In Wonderland).

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