Essay: Johnny Depp’s Collaboration with Tim Burton

Essay: Johnny Depp’s Collaboration with Tim Burton
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His collaboration with Director Tim Burton proved to be very fruitful for him. His very recent movie with Tim Burton in 2010 is Alice in Wonderland is one of the latest hits from the duo following their success in 2007 with the movie Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Another peculiar aspect of Depp’s acclamation has been gained from true life characters which include his character in ‘Ed Wood’, Pistone in ‘Donnie Brasco’ and Jung in ‘Blow’. In this aspect, the most current role that the actor has played is that of a bank robber named Dillinger in the 2009 release, ‘Public Enemies’ (Biography for Johnny Depp).

After reading the above mentioned facts in Johnny Depp’s updated biography, I realized that he is a diverse actor who has the capability to occupy himself in the characters like as if he is the similar person in actual life as well. In an interview with Marjorie, Depp proved that it was his strength and endurance to select his roles properly and more importantly the skills to choose his films wisely which has led to his fame (Depp, Johnny Depp).

Earlier when he was convicted for drugs felony, he had lost his respect and he believes that it was very hard for him to earn that respect again. He had been through many thick and thins to actually deteriorate the original vision of himself in the eyes of the public. However, now if we see closely, he has not only accomplished the reconstruction of his image, instead he has made a whole new image for himself with more fame, respect and irony.

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