Essay: Johnny Depp A Primary Success of Hollywood

Essay: Johnny Depp A Primary Success of Hollywood
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Marjorie notes that nowadays when new actors are seen to be taking heavy risks in choosing their roles, they simply point out that they are doing a Johnny Depp. In other words, they are now just as conscious and careful while picking roles, as Johnny Depp. For Johnny Depp honesty is very important, whether it is being true to your girlfriend, profession or your own self. He himself has an absurd fascination with it and also mentioned in his interview to Marjorie that Edward Scissorhands is the character which was very honest. His style of acting is intuitive and not learnt (Depp, Johnny Depp).

I also figured out after reading Robb (2006) that the substantiation of his performing competence was his habit of doing his homework. It was seen that for Benny & Joon, he played a circus performer, and he actually watched movies of Charlie Chaplin Keaton to replicate them.

According to Steve Head (2005) victorious people can be all over. What describe success are regulation and the readiness to take risks. Defining success is an easy task, however what matters and is not easy are the actions chosen and taken respectively in order to achieve the goal (Depp, A conversation with the new Willy Wonka). Johnny Depp is a primary example of success in Hollywood dictionary. Johnny Depp’s selection of unorthodox and unconventional roles where he could prove his mettle and creativity has been his factor of success since he entered Hollywood. He never took a short cut that would establish him as immediately well-known and loved.

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