Essay: How Johnny Depp became Successful

Essay: How Johnny Depp became Successful
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The solidification of his fame came around with the success of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl which was released by Walt Disney in 2003. The character of Captain Jack Sparrow was highly praised by public, even though the film critics have given negative responses for his role. The sequel of this movie was released in 2006 and Bill Nighy who costarred with Johnny said in appraisal of this role that this was one of the most accepted presentations of current times (Depp, Pirates of the Caribbean).

I believe with this exploratory research I am convinced that Johnny Depp is an ideal anyone would desire to be like. His perseverance, courage and confidence are what make him the famous, highly achieving actor that he is and I am ready to pay no matter what price to be in his shoes or at least be as successful as him in my academics and career.

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