Essay: Joining American Military

Essay: Joining American Military
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The point of disagreement originates from the very idea of sending troops to the other countries in order to provide humanitarian aid. Quite a large number of Americans are of the idea that the army should first take into account the issues prevailing in the United States of America. The authorities lack almost all the valid options to suffice the disagreement.

On the other hand if one looks at the statistics the ground realities speak volumes of the American policies towards both the USA as well as the countries that are being aided by the American Military (States, 5-7). As per the data of 2006 about 1 million active and 400,000 reserved staff has been sent to the war afflicted countries, this once again highlights the importance of further recruitments for the effective and efficient accomplishment of the designated operations. Keeping in view a large future requirement the Army was the target to hire 200,000 active duty army personals and amazingly was able to attain this target (States, 10).

If one traces the patterns of the recruitment criteria than the fact comes to light that most of the people recruited in the fiscal year 2006 had no free intentions to join the army but due to the obligation posed on the enlisted people they had no other option but to join the army (Shy). This poses a burning question to the authorities that if the people do not have a free will to either join the army or not to join it, then what is the validity of the American Constitutions- the declaration of independence.

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