Essay: Journey of St. Augustine

Essay: Journey of St. Augustine
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The story of St. Augustine’s journey has also attained vital importance in Christianity as Prophet Mohammad’s (P.B.U.H) journey is important in Islam. Augustine’s seven-year missionary services in Kent have a profound impact on the development of Christianity in England (Green). The great saint of Christianity was born in 354 A.D in a Roman province by the name of Aurelius Augustine and has acclaimed worldwide fame as the most influential Christian thinker. He made philosophy as the center of his interest and passion but his interest in religion did not develop until his thirties after his religious experience.

He studied rhetoric in Carthage to become a lawyer and was brought up as a Christian but was not baptized. At first, he had adopted Manichaeism as a result of the influence of the teachings in Carthage from where he received education and denounced Christianity. Manichaeism was the dualistic religious philosophy founded by Mani that held the belief that world was a mixture of spirit and matter and that the fallen soul could get out of the material and evil world by the way of spirit. The religion was assaulted severely by Church and Roman Empire and disappeared from the western world. He traveled from Rome to Milan to teach rhetoric but then gave up Manichaeism.

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