Essay: Juvenile Boot Camps

Essay: Juvenile Boot Camps
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Boot camps were brought in as a second choice for young offenders in the 1980s. In 1984 the New Orleans initiated the first juvenile boot camp and after a couple of years, there were hundreds of camps all over the states. This was mainly built for those young offenders who were non-aggressive and faced long-term imprisonment. With the help of insertion into a boot camp, they could serve “30 to 180 days in a boot camp in exchange to a 3 to 10-year imprisonment”[1]. This program was highly appreciated by the society and proved to be effective in the long run.

Faithbased Programs

Faith‐based programs are very common. At the least, there is about one chaplain accessible to converse with. Additional programs are more encircling and engage concentrated treatment which was based on the Bible. United States’ first faith‐based penitentiary for females was initiated in Florida[2]. Looking at the statistics there has been a “50% downfall in the rate of recidivism”[3] since the inception of this program. One significant benefit of faith‐based programs is their present binding with the society where the prisoners live after their release and the trustworthiness that these associations usually have inside the society.

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