Essay: Kaffir Boy

Essay: Kaffir Boy
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One of the pieces of writing that tells of the experiences of the Black Africans is Kaffir Boy. Mark Mathabane in his autobiography Kaffir Boy ‘bypasses intellect and brings the heart and conscience face-to-face with what apartheid means in human terms’ (Davis).

The very word Kaffir is a South African word used for nigger. Kaffir Boy recounts the tale of a Black boy who struggles to claim his dignity and independence from the White rule. Mathabane’s story represents the life of an average South African under the ignominious rule of the Whites. Through the autobiography of Mathabane we gain an insight in the kind of lives led by the non-whites under the, as Davies call it, ‘sordid intricacies of South Africa’s systematic dehumanization’ (Davis).

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