Essay: Katha Pollitt’s “Why Boys Don’t Play with Dolls?”

Essay: Katha Pollitt’s “Why Boys Don’t Play with Dolls?”
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Looking to decide ‘why boys do not play with dolls?’ it appears sensible to dispute that in spite of the proceedings that have been made in contemporary society, sex typecasts, which serve up as the foundation for determining actions of adults, continue to be an essential element of communal dialogue.

Pollitt is an award-winning poet. She also writes essays for The Nation. She believes that her writings are mostly covered towards entitlement of entire human rights to women. This thesis also prevails in her “Why Boys Don’t Play with Dolls”. She is well known for her abilities to tear apart falsified arguments given by modern critics.

This essay was first printed in the New York Times Magazine. It is a short piece of writing if compared to Pollitt’s usual way of detailing logic and evidence together. Neither does she want her audience to think differently on the basis of the reasons presented in this essay. But she does anticipate readers to be familiar with what is perceived as common approach in this case; the conviction that there are native dissimilarities among the genders may be preposterous. The role of genders/sex is developed by society. This essay, alike many of her other articles, battle the repercussions against feminism.

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