Essay: Kelly Longitudinal Study

Essay: Kelly Longitudinal Study
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While I was reading the book what I found to be the most interesting and evident aspect of May’s work is the inclusion of the Kelly Longitudinal Study (KLS) which comprised of over 600 participants’ wide answers to queries posed to them as married couples during the 1930s and 1955. This allows the reader and somewhat allowed May as well to conclude her main proof as to how these policies governing public along with the well-liked society formulations resounded through peoples’ life.

Mostly the survey participants include white, middle-class, mainly Protestant couples who were called after they renounced their weddings in local newspapers of New England and retorted to questionnaires sent to them after every specific number of years. The results of the KLS questionnaires reveal the respondents’ profound obligation to the new familial model. When asked to look into their homes and respond their main focus or sense of achievement lied in the security and predictability of their family. Women were very committed their domestic life but many were found to be having problems with frustration and monotony that many were exposed to. Because of premarital sex among these respondents, it was discovered that actually after marriage their level of dissatisfaction had increased in the wake of which they had to lower their expectations.

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