Essay: The Killing of a Foetus is Morally Wrong

Essay: The Killing of a Foetus is Morally Wrong
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In a paper against abortion Don Marquis recounts such statements saying the since killing any adult individual is considered wrong in today’s society. The killing of a foetus is morally wrong as well because like adults the act of murder deprives the individual of a future like ours (FLO).  This implies that the woman who is pregnant has a social contract with the foetus to respect its right to live and preserve its FLO (hevangel, 2007). It is the responsibility of the mother to protect her unborn child who is in a weakened state and thus not able to protect itself.

In terms of society even though women have a right to do what they wish to their own bodies. It is also the right and duty of society as a whole to give moral protection to those individuals who do not have the rationality and reasoning power to protect themselves. Such individuals are devaluing themselves by abandoning their social and moral feelings of guilt and pain at having these procedures.

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