Essay: Kino’s Quest in The Pearl

Essay: Kino’s Quest in The Pearl
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There are two primary lessons regarding human nature that are relayed during the progression of the story. The first is that no matter how content we are as human beings with our lives, the promise of living a better life is so seductive to our natures that we are willing to give up everything for it. This example shines through when we consider that Kino’s entire quest. In the beginning of the tale when we are introduced to his character we see the enviable peace he has achieved with his simple life, a scene which is quite contrary to the ones which follow. Not only does Kino lose his home and his canoe both of which symbolized his legacy. But his relationship with the world around him is also changed to a point where his character in the final act seems drastically changed.

The other lesson regarding human nature is how there will always be people who will take advantage of you no matter how sincere you are in your intentions. This facet is embodied by the doctor, the priest and the pearl buyers all of whom are not of his village or his kin and seek to take advantage of his lack of knowledge regarding the world and its practices.

If we consider the primary goal of business, this book teaches us that the primary motive for any business venture is profit. And more often than not that profit is based upon the detriment of the customer. All of the outsiders in this story are primarily business men who continuously seek to usurp Kino’s wealth for themselves, often with no regard to the safety of him or his family.

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