Essay: Kung Fu Panda: Convergence and Interactivity

Essay: Kung Fu Panda: Convergence and Interactivity
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Convergence means coming together, merging or meeting. Advancement in technology has allowed bringing together different media to a single platform thus providing more functionality and services to the consumers (Convergence, 2004).

Interactivity is the “degree to which users can make choices within an environment” (Web3D Part5: Glossary, 2006).  Interactivity has always existed to a degree in one form or another however with the Internet and advancement in media users have more choice and flexibility and they can also modify content to suit their own requirements.

This paper presents a critical analysis of a website and assesses how convergence has allowed using old media in new ways and affected user interactivity.

Traditionally movies have been advertised through billboards, pamphlets, posters, advertisements on radio, television and in newspapers and also short trailers at cinemas prior to the start of another movie. These advertising methods have been costly, as other than the production cost they also involve high broadcasting costs. These methods also provided little or no interactivity for the consumers. Popularity of the internet, and remarkably lesser production and broadcasting costs have resulted in internet advertising becoming necessary for economic survival in the competitive world of movie distribution. TNS Media Intelligence (Foote, 2007) forecasts increase in US advertisements, with Internet advertising continuing with double digit growth. is an example of a website which has converged, brought together, images, text, audio and video from the traditional mediums of movie advertisement to a single platform, the Internet, providing consumers with enhanced levels of functionality, services and interactivity.

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