Essay: Lack of Interaction

Essay: Lack of Interaction
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This lack of interaction with people makes it easy for one to get depressed (Nie, 2000). During interaction with people, one is able to share their troubles and worries and even get advice and important information from them.

Additionally, they get a shoulder to lean on. Being alone means that they have no one to share their issues with, leading to depression.

The internet also has a massive amount of information. According to (2010), there are well over 200 million websites available on the internet today. Not all of these websites contain productive information. Many of them are pornographic with a large repertoire of pictures and movies that are easily accessible and cheap, which are available to any interested party. Pornography destroys lives and makes people live in a make-believe world where sex is all that exists, and one’s partner is only there for their pleasure, and not for a real love relationship.

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