Essay: LAN Extender

Essay: LAN Extender
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This phase comprises of the network devices to be used which include repeater, hub, and LAN extender. Repeater connects the two devices, it augment and reinstate the signals uniform in nature. A hub is the central point connecting all the nodes with a proper cable to create a star network physically and logically allow them to implement ring or bus topologies by controlling the rights virtually.

LAN Extender, as the name suggests, extends the network on a broader domain. It filters the information being sent via network. LAN switches are there which consist of ports which are provided different bandwidths. LAN switch have frames passing from one port to another with different hosts. Switch caters to the request services by maintaining a table and associating a MAC address of devices with the port numbers by which the device is reached when its turn comes (Cisco 2008).

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