Essay: Leading Factors for Teen Pregnancy

Essay: Leading Factors for Teen Pregnancy
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This study evaluated and exhibited a potential linkage between the experience to a sexual substance present on television and the occurrence of a pregnancy prior to turning 20 years of age. Restraining such youngster contact with the sexual content present on television and harmonizing depictions of sex in media with information that educates about harmful impacts can actually reduce the threat of teenage pregnancy. Perhaps, parents are able to take the edge off the influence of this sexual content by viewing with their kids and conferencing about the presentations of sex (Chandra).

Nudity and obscene content available for a view over the internet, in magazines and in the form of videos available legally, can provoke the cravings for sex. Thus, when a girl develops a relationship with the opposite sex, the possibility of fulfilling these desires increases and leads to having an intercourse at an immature level. A teenager can have pregnancy from different situations. Development of long-term relationships that has a lack of discretion, due to the replacement of anxiety by artificial trust, encourages such activity. Secondly hooking up with several men purposefully, without any protections and precautions, knowing the fact, that it may satisfy the needs but is unsafe, can be a consequence also. And thirdly, an involuntary situation called rape. Rape is further divided into more parts. Statutory rape consists of intercourse with an agreement in an age which is illegal by law. Forced rape is referred to as intercourse without consent and age factor.

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