Essay: Learning and Growth Perspective at Futura

Essay: Learning and Growth Perspective at Futura
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A Utah-based company, Futura Industries, has a vast expertise in designing aluminum, thrusting aluminum and fabricating aluminum. Futura has a considerably good market which offers a large range of electronic items, trimming for floors, doors for shower cabins and transportation (Ourblogtemplates, 2008). It is accredited by ISO and has all its financial objectives in place. It has perfectly aligned internal processes. However, it still feels that the main differentiating factor of the company is its employees. Futura believes in not just developing good products and services, but also good people.

According to Kaplan & Norton (2004), any company’s main value is directly related to its ability to help its people gain knowledge, improvise and accept change. At Futura, the learning and growth perspective of the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) strategy is the basis of Futura’s success. It is built on the premise of trust and respect for the people who are keen to learn and develop those (Gumbus & Johnson, 2003).

The mission of Futura is “Extraordinary Value through Extrusions,” which helps its employees to give efforts not only for the company’s success but also to the customer’s success (Gumbus & Johnson, 2003). The Balance Scorecard is implemented at Futura to achieve its mission which is only possible by placing in the same frequency the strategy and measures of innovation. Employing and on top of that retention of the best people in the market and client devotion are two spirited apparatus that give Futura a cutthroat benefit in a drenched market  (Roos & Roos, 1997).

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