Essay: What the Learning Process Depends on

Essay: What the Learning Process Depends on
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There is a psycho-biosocial hypothesis about the learning with regard to neurophysiology that offers a concept of an evolutionary theory adapted by Darwin. This reveals that learning abilities also vary with the sex differences. To every topic predisposition of different people is different i.e. some learns easily and for some people it is difficult to learn the same thing. This is a kind of neuro-chemical process and memorizing experiences that makes learning possible.

Learning depends upon the neural structure and already known objects. Also it depends upon the level of interest a person has for the subject. The nature-nurture conceptualization refers the neural structures and events. The response of those events is taken from the environment and is half-dependent on tendency and expectations with obvious social and neurological arbitrating factors. Psycho biosocial hypothesis are taken as variables under nature-nurture conceptualizations. This environment is made compatible with the organic partiality and this way male and female brain can be inclined to one of the different variables as opposed to each other. The difference can be obtained by the mind divergence which develops in both of them by the time in their socialization procedures (Halpern, 2000).

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