Essay: Legal Implications done in favor of Net Neutrality

Essay: Legal Implications done in favor of Net Neutrality
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Any regulations that FCC undergoes are tested out by Communications Act whether they are allowed to regulate certain issue or not. FCC is regulated to control net neutrality according to the policy statement 05-151. This policy states that consumers are given the right to access any content which they choose. It states that they also have a right to program which they choose. Consumers are able to attach any device to networks legally allowed and they also encompass the right to select any service provider, content provider, or network prevailing in competitive industry (Block, 2007).

General guiding doctrines of regulation like mentioned above are assumed by the agency. The operators, regulator, and providers are advised to justify all their rules from any of these doctrines if the rule is related to net neutrality. These doctrines are guidelines for the companies as well so that they may think before enforcing any service which is not in contrast with them. Infringement to any of these doctrines would force FCC to take action against that company. These doctrines are generalized to broader spectrum and incorporate almost everything inside them so it is not worthwhile to ask what the domain of these principles is (Block, 2007).

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