Essay: The Legal Tender Act

Essay: The Legal Tender Act
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Arnold now set to write about Lincoln’s biography he knew many colleagues, critics and congressmen, he wrote more than three-fifths of the book about Lincoln as the president. Abraham Lincoln’s wife was Mary Todd a fine lady as Arnold writes in his book, as he frequently visited them, though he had to travel on horseback and on foot, facing dangerous situations with Indians. Arnold usually spent the evenings at Lincoln’s house and dined with them at Lincoln’s Springfield home; he enjoyed food at their table as Mary Todd was a perfect host with good cordial and polite manners and cooked excellent meals they enjoyed, she was talkative and full of humor and wit.

Thus Arnold shared their table; he also visited Lincoln at the Presidents mansion and on his summer retreats. Arnold wrote admiring accounts of the President; Lincoln strongly believed in the congress to write the laws and then he would only sign; the Legal Tender Act of 1862;was the issue of the first paper currency of the United States, this was done to increase the money supply to pay for the ongoing wars, and Federal controls were incurred on the state economy, Lincoln sent John Pope, a senior General to control the rising of the Sioux in Minnesota the result of this was ,many were arrested  and some were executed for the murder of innocent farmers. Arnold writes that Lincoln was a strong supporter of liberal Capitalism; he could express his views by staying within the limits of the religious beliefs, though he was avid reader, but he was not influenced by other people, his personal beliefs were influenced by reading and study of the Bible; he claimed that all men are born free, the Whigs argued with him that this freedom requires financial support, education, and expanded territory to grow and survive.

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