Essay: Legalization of Organ Donation

Essay: Legalization of Organ Donation
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I would conclude it should be said that the legalization of organ donation and transplantation should necessarily be awarded to the citizens of this world. The governments should think and try to assess the need of organs which can save a lot of people from death, and believe it ethically that it is better to provide an organ to the needy poor people and then to let them suffer from the disease and ultimately die.

The government should also evaluate that the cost of those painful dialysis procedures that are frequent for the patients awaiting kidney transplants are way above the ground to bear. A one-time investment of purchasing the organ is relatively lesser in terms of cost and pain both for the patient to bear. Hence legalization in this regards should be essential. As for the people who donate their parts after their death are should be searched for and preserved for the purpose since they, themselves, are willing to do it. It should be analyzed whether they are giving it for an ethical and humanitarian reason or whether they are selling it (Sanbar).

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