Essay: The Legitimacy of supporting Arts and Economic

Essay: The Legitimacy of supporting Arts and Economic
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Since art cannot maintain itself with its earnings only, individuals, organisations, and governments have supported it as described earlier. Baumol and Bowel in their ‘Performing Arts: The Economic Dilemma’[1] argued that from fine arts, performing arts are labor-intensive and is in the field which not much as labor force reduction effect by the development of technology as in manufacturing industry.

Therefore, arts cannot sustain itself with its own income. Their studies were being placed on excellent paper so that they achieved a modern conversion of art economics. As they interpreted chronic deficit phenomenon of performing arts with the term, ‘Income Gap’, they diagnosed the overall administrative situation of performing arts in the 1960s as ‘cost disease.’ In other words, other fields can make cost-reducing effect by cutting labor forces and replacement by developed machines. However, reducing the numbers of players or actors in arts is directly related to the quality of the performance. Therefore, it is impossible to change balance gap which is constantly occurred in this field.

[1] W.J. Baumol & W.G. Bowen, Performing Arts – The Economic Dilemma, The MIT Press, 1966

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