Essay: Legitimate politics in the organization

Essay: Legitimate politics in the organization
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The management is trying to implement effective power and legitimate politics at the stores. The management seems aware of the fact that the implementation of power to govern the organizational goal can help the organization to attain its target and the behaviours of the organizational members can be tailored[1] (Staw, 1997). When these effective powers come in legitimate action they are termed as politics and they help the organizations to through odd and even times[2] (Hartman, 2001).

There is a significant gap between the store supervision and the workers. So by introducing this formal training program the management is actually trying to regain the confidence of its employees but cultivating healthy organizational culture that will in turn tailor the organizational behavior[3] (Bacharach, 1980). The management rather than waiting for the situation to worsen could have conducted periodic and surprise audits so that the supervision of the store remains vigilant an active rather than being negligent. As a consequence of the prevailing situation the management will now have to spend a lot of finances to train the employees and regulate effective powers and legitimate politics in the organization.

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