Essay: A Letter to Larry-Words of Motivation

Essay: A Letter to Larry-Words of Motivation
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I know you might even be thinking that you can climb the management ladder from the bottom but it is advisable that you live to be an example. How do you think it feels to an example to future teenagers, learn and be the CEO of Boeing Company, an executive firm? This is something that can make one very proud of his achievements. Most of the schools will be inviting you to talk to their students and advise them on making future decisions.

I perfectly understand your situation since my family background in not very different from yours. I have grown up with no one as a mentor and I even thought of leaving school. A friend of mine reported me to the teachers who took me to a counselor. I am very grateful to the counselor I talked to for he enlightened my visions. From that day, I always wanted to achieve in life, make achievements others will be proud of. I am very happy for my achievements and it is not late for you to make even better than I have.

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