Essay: The Five Levels of Capability Maturity Model

Essay: The Five Levels of Capability Maturity Model
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CMM consists of five key maturity levels which are subdivided into several key process areas. Maturity levels are defined as “a well-defined evolutionary plateau toward achieving a mature software process.” Key process areas “identifies a cluster of related activities” that, when performed in cohesion are essential to achieving a set of goals at that maturity level and establishing “process capability” (Paulk, Weber, Garcia, Chrissis, & Bush, 1993).

Each key process area resides at a separate maturity level allowing for the identification and utilization of the most conventional methods to meet the organization’s objectives. It also directs them towards efficiently meeting the goals set within those areas. The expected range of outcomes which can be achieved following this model provides the process capability and allows for future results to be ascertained (Paulk, Weber, Garcia, Chrissis, & Bush, 1993).

The five levels of CMM begins with the “Initial Level” which assesses the capabilities of individuals within the organization and collects this evidence for use in the continued modification of the process. This leads to level two known as the “Repeatable Level” which allows for direct supervision of the project towards implementation of methods which were responsible for achieving earlier successes and establishes safeguards and pre-requisites for the management of each process to achieve real and tangible results.

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