Essay: How Liberalism is Exercised

Essay: How Liberalism is Exercised
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The inquiry of skewed distribution of cultural and/ or heritage assets in the dialect of sociology is a question of who follows liberalism and how liberalism is exercised. Three distinct perspectives try to answer this question. The first viewpoint, the pluralist viewpoint, finds its source in academic liberal concepts of Hobbes (1998), J.S. Mills (1956; 1972) and Held, et al (1999) and in work of French aristocrat DeTocqueville (1969). The liberal considered of Hobbes and Mills were concerned with defending the rights of persons in the context of English humanity of 17th and 18th century. For them, it was individual liberty defined in a slender pecuniary and individualistic basis that was of foundational importance.

Hobbes (1998) conceptualized the world in periods of a jungle where the only reason we do not deceive or injure each other is that of the occurrence of the organization of state the Leviathan. But then the difficulty becomes how to halt the state from taking over the entire sphere of existence. The financial undertakings in specific were held by the thinkers like Mills (1972) and Held (1999) whose concepts Marx mocked as the outlook of the bourgeois of the market street to be sacrosanct and thus out-of-doors the purview of the state. The reality is that liberalism in its own time was a revolutionary idea. The aim was to dethrone the clerical authority. For Mills and Bentham, the cause for the reality of human beings and the state was to maximize delight and minimize agony, the idea that is renowned as utilitarianism. (Cox, 1987)

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