Essay: Licenses Available for MS Windows and MS Office

Essay: Licenses Available for MS Windows and MS Office
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Both Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office are available in different packages based on the functionality and applications contained. Microsoft issues for the type of licenses, one for each package. MS Office Home and Office Student License entitles the user to use MS Excel, MS Office, MS One Note and MS Word.  The Office Standard license allows the user to use MS Excel, MS Outlook, MS PowerPoint and MS Word.  Office Small Business License offers the user a package which contains MS Outlook, MS PowerPoint, MS Word, MS Excel as well as MS Publisher, and Business Contact Manager. The Office Professional License contains all the applications from Office Small Business License along with MS Access There are also licenses for Office Ultimate, Office Professional Plus, and Office Enterprise, the last two of which can only be purchased for multiple users. Microsoft also licenses each the application in MS Office suite separately (Microsoft Corporation, 2009).

Microsoft Windows, on the other hand, are licensed on the based on their functionality. Currently issued Microsoft Windows Licenses are for different editions and versions of Windows. For example, Microsoft Windows XP has two type of licenses, One for its Home Edition, which is contains basic functionalities of Windows, and, One for it Professional Edition, which extends the functionalities of Microsoft Home Edition in terms of Network Connectivity and Computer Administration. There is also a license available for Microsoft Windows Server which is particularly suited for business environment. The Windows Server edition allows various types of services to be hosted and run on the Server class PC, and can exploit their full potential which is not possible with other editions of Windows (Russinovich & Solomon, 2004).

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