Essay: Life Balance Issue in organizational behavior

Essay: Life Balance Issue in organizational behavior
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In this highly competitive business world, it becomes essential for the today’s organizations to hire and retain highly skilled manpower for their competitive advantage. Many organizations are revising their human resource policies to improve work/life balance (WLB) of employees so that they can attract and retain highly valuable human talent. This is only possible if these companies provide work/life balance of employees and make the work environment more conducive to them (Cieri, Holmes, & Pattit, 2002).

The fact of the matter is that an employee has to play a lot of different roles, both in personal and professional spheres of life and he or she wants to manage all these different demands in such a way that each one of these expectations satisfied without any conflict. The definition of the role and responsibility of employers is very important to provide the necessary environment that is helpful to create work/life balance. Because of the increase in competition and technology, this issue is gaining momentum almost in all types of organizations whether they are public or private. The following report has tried to highlight the importance of this issue by providing empirical evidence from the real world and then endeavor to prove: why this WLB is necessary for hiring and retaining of highly valuable human capital.

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