Essay: Life Opportunities

Essay: Life Opportunities
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Whether it was my upbringing or my own personal preference, I found that I simply could not ask them for the money I needed for my daily activities. I instead found a job at Purewal Blueberries, Ltd which gave me my first experience in the workplace and also gave me a taste for wanting something better for my life. I still did not know where my life was headed or what I wanted to do. All I knew was I wanted to challenge myself in new, interesting and exciting ways while still keeping the human connection that had been the cornerstone of my life thus far. So I decided to enroll in the University of Toronto in Health Care and Research.

On Campus, I was first introduced by my seniors to the qualities that would define my adult life. They taught me not only to be responsible but also to be determined and ambitious. My communication with them opened my eyes to the world around like I had never known before. They instilled in me the importance of sincerity and hard work. With them, I began the University of Toronto Bhangra Club, where my duties as vice president were to promote the various values and aspect of Bhangra within the university.

The opportunities I received, later on, were all important stepping stones in my life. My work as an intern in Dr. Godt’s lab and my summer internship and undergraduate research opportunity at Dr. Tepass’s lab allowed me great opportunities to further my experiences and my career. I was the first to implement the Cryosection protocol. In this intensive hand-eye is required to cut 5-25 micrometer section of frozen blocks. I also came up with new experiments that further investigate the role of the
Mind Bomb protein in Drosophila. Though I found these positions to be creatively and artistically stimulating, I still felt something was missing from my professional.

It was only when Dr. Hanna and Dr. Kooner first introduced me to the field of Dentistry that I realized what I had wanted to in my life all along. I had always had a passion for health sciences which were tempered by human interaction but had never come across a profession which was not only challenging but also afforded me the chance to be an effective communicator.

In order to be sure of my decision, I volunteered in Dr. Kooner’s office and became even more certain of my decision. I saw how he dealt with his patients with an air of professionalism and warmth. How dentistry was not simply about metal and bone, but rather about communication and professionalism.

I can now see how my decision to pursue dentistry and dedicate my life to this profession has been the path my life has led me to till now. I am thankful for the hardship I faced, for the lessons my peered have imparted upon me. These experiences have given me the understanding to realize my personal and professional goals and the desire I need to fulfil them.

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