Essay: Link between Roles

Essay: Link between Roles
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Defining Advocacy

Advocacy is known as a key concept in social work practice. It is defined as applying the method of persuading on behalf of organizations and groups within lawful supremacy and political structure. “Advocacy is the pursuit of influencing outcomes, including public-policy and resource allocation decisions within political, economic, and social systems and institutions that directly affect people’s current lives” (Cohen et al., 2001).


Analysis of advocacy would be considered as very critical because the purpose of this practice is itself very significant. The mission of advocacy should be based on the truth but not false favors. It should reflect honesty and shouldn’t safeguard unlawful and illegal activities either by an individual, a group or the government.  Influences of higher authorities tend to pressurize the professionals of this field, provided that they or their acquaintances tend to get affected and even offended sometimes. This practice ceases the sincerity and honesty of this profession and thrashes the trust of the society.

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