Essay: Advantages of Local Area Network

Essay: Advantages of Local Area Network
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This essay discusses the advantages of local are network.

Describe the advantages provided by a local area network. (About 120 words)

The use of LAN offers several advantages. The most prominent advantage of LAN usage is that it facilitates the sharing of resource. A LAN can be made up of several different resources which can be processing units, printers, telecommunication devices as well as storage units. Through sharing of these resources, a LAN encourages their cost-effective use.  LAN also allows business organizations to incorporate functions and provide special services such as shared databases, video conferencing and firewall.

A LAN also acts as a mean of efficient communication. One of the most widely used communication service over LAN is E-mail. Through E-mail, all users on the network can send mails or other messages to each other using a unique id assigned to them. By connecting the LAN to the Internet, E-mail can also be used to communicate worldwide. Another example of communication over LAN is file sharing. Through file sharing, multiple users on the network are able to access and modify the same file (McLaughlin & Capriotti, 2002).

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