Essay: The Loss of Kentucky

Essay: The Loss of Kentucky
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Meanwhile, stunned by the loss of Kentucky, Tennessee, and parts of the Trans-Mississippi, the Confederate leadership began to draw on other theaters to reinforce General Albert Sidney Johnston’s army at Corinth. For better or worse, controversial Southern generals came as well. General P.G.T. Beauregard arrived to assume the post of second-in-command, a move designed by Jefferson Davis to distance himself from the Creole general.

Major Generals Leonidas Polk, William J. Hardee, John C. Breckinridge and Braxton Bragg formed four Corps designated the Army of the Mississippi. “Orders went out for the 40,000-man force to depart Corinth on April 3”[1] after word came that Buell’s army was approaching Savannah, but the plan promptly fell behind schedule.

William T. Sherman, whom Grant assigned to “head the encampment of the 40,000 soldiers in an area both generals felt, was defensible”[2]. However, the soldiers in Sherman’s division were green, as were those in Brig. Gen. Benjamin Prentiss’ division, also on the southern edge of the camp.

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[2] Hedley, 5

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