Essay: Loss of Manpower in the Military

Essay: Loss of Manpower in the Military
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He further continues his discussion on how such a loss in manpower has led to a concentrated effort on the part of the United States military to bolster recruitment. They have taken up several activities to ingratiate themselves with the public trust. These range from simple advertising to trade and air shows. In 1993 the military had funds set aside for advertising which totaled 592 million dollars, the army even promotes its own race car. Despite these efforts, the public has not seen to fit the military with a positive enough image to encourage volunteering (Belkin, 2008).

Snider focuses on how the loss of manpower in the military has led to the infiltration of small groups within it who are using this institution to further their own agendas and politics. He cites a recent poll showing how an astonishing 75-80 percent of individuals in the military were opposed to gays serving openly, while a quarter said they would resign from the armed forces if they believed homosexuals would be given permission to join (Snider, 2000). While Belkin in a separate poll taken from military officers showed that only 17.5% of respondents were proud of the military for their involvement in such a policy, while 24.2% felt shame due to such actions and 56% were indifferent (Belkin, 2008).

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