Essay: The Losses in the Battle of Shiloh

Essay: The Losses in the Battle of Shiloh
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Wounded and abandoned until he was discovered alive two days later was General Wallace. Here and elsewhere in the park is one of the best collections of original artillery tubes from the war, including many unusual Confederate guns. Between Pittsburg Landing and the Visitor Center is the National Cemetery, where Federals killed in the battle were reburied.

“The losses in the Battle of Shiloh were staggering — nearly 25,000 combined casualties for both sides”[1]. The bloodiest battle in the West up to that time changed the minds of Lew Wallace and others, who had thought the war there was nearly over after Fort Donelson. Although the Confederate resolve remained, after Shiloh the opportunities for Southern victory would be few, as the North increased the efficiency of its military effort west of the Appalachians.

[1] Woodworth, Steven E. Nothing but Victory: The Army of the Tennessee, 1861 – 1865. Alfred A. Knopf , 2005.

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