Essay: About Love and Vertigo

Essay: About Love and Vertigo
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This passion to be reunited with her family and mother reveals a lot about her mother’s family life. Pandora was the symbolic name of her mother (Kiraly 29). Grace reveals the meaning of her mother’s name by implying that her name symbolized a curse. Another social ill is revealed when soldiers without respect, come by when Pandora is giving birth, “her screams attract the soldiers looking for kuniangs” (ibid 28). The most intriguing feature is that Pandora’s mother, MayLing cannot fathom the fact that she has a child and is even hesitant to name the born child and instead calls her rubbish (ibid 34).

Believing that her life is cursed, Pandora like many other teenage girls in a society indulges herself in sexual irresponsibility by having sex with Jona her first love. Interestingly, Jona hails from Malaysia and takes the role of a male chauvinist; he disregards women and batters them. His character can be attributed by the fact that he is abused by her mother at his young age. This abuse continues even when he is 25 years of age (Pillai 93). Teo, exemplifies families that spin around superstitions, abuse and disregard of family values. Love of family is viewed as an illusion, especially after Pandora realizes that Jona do not love her but instead is using her to be accepted by the white Australians. This revelation depresses Pandora to an extent that she avoids making love with Jona. Consequently, Jona starts to rape her when she refuses to submit to his sexual demands. The fruition of these series of abuse and raping is the conception of Grace. Pandora is not happy with this kind of pregnancy which she views as consequence of love with no sense of pleasure. After a series of abuse incidences and rapes by her husband, Pandora is unable to tolerate such and so kills herself (ibid 278).

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