Essay: Luminosity near Star Vega

Essay: Luminosity near Star Vega
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What is the luminosity of the nearby star Vega and what type of star is it? Discuss the units of Luminosity, how is it expressed.  How many times brighter is Vega than the Sun? How old do you think Vega is?  Every second, we move about 20 Km closer to the current position of the Vega. If Vega is 26.5 L-Y ( light years ) from Earth, how long will it take for the Sun( and it’s planets )to travel this distance. Is the Sun on a collision course with Vega?  Explain.

Vega is a white main sequence star with a luminosity of 37. Luminosity is the amount of energy radiated by a body per unit time. It is either measured in SI unit watts or in terms of solar luminosity, that is, how many times as much a body radiates energy than the Sun whose luminosity is 3.846×1026 W. Vega is 58 times brighter than the Sun. Since it is bigger and much brighter than the Sun, its lifetime is short. Since it’s already a main sequence star, it age should be less than 1 billion years. Moving 20km each second toward Vega’s current position it will take us around 286 417 years to reach it. However, since Vega is also moving away from us, there is no danger of collision (Lewis, 1997).

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