Essay: Magic at Hogwarts

Essay: Magic at Hogwarts
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Hogwarts is a foundation laid by four magical wizards of which Salazar Slytherin was the least active and maybe was involved in dark magic, that is, the use of his influence for uncertain if not absolute evil reasons, and for centuries a lot of the young students who resided in Hogwarts have displayed the same qualities. The instructive dilemma for Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster, after that—although it is never explained so openly—is how to guide the Hogwarts students not just in the technological aspects of magic but also the ethical aspects essential to evade the repeated copy of the few great dark lords of magic like Voldemort and their countless supporters. The problem is aggravated by the existence of teachers who are not completely insensitive with Voldemort’s aspirations.

According to Natov (2001), magic is something which requires to be trained for. To become a magician an individual needs to learn how to become one. As a ritual the Sorting Ceremony, which is carried out at the Hogwarts School, is a little more than a hazing. The supernatural art is a skill which may be learned, not through rite, commencement, or the diffusion of magnetic power, but somewhat with the help of learning from a book, training, observation, and usual testing (Natov, 310).

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